This past weekend was spent in Scottsdale celebrating Sumi's bachelorette. It has been years since our entire college group got together -- made me realize just how much I miss being with everyone! Thanks to Taylor and Kyoko the weekend was flawless and SO fun. We had the most wonderful home for the weekend where we could kick back and relax in the sun. Serious Monday blues right now!


SUP & Columbus Clippers

This weekend we were able to get out and have a little fun. While E was out golfing, I headed to Hoover Reservoir with Hunt and Nick to do some SUPing. Spring has finally sprung and warm weather is here - the perfect way to spend a morning (+ Galena Diner post-paddle). Later that night we headed to Huntington Park to watch the Columbus Clippers. I love this place and on a pretty night, watching baseball is hard to beat!

Tremont Renovation // Cabinets + Drywall

This past week was the week of cabinets... Jeff Bogan, Bear Camp's builder, came in town to knock out the kitchen, bar/mudroom and master bath cabinets. We've made crazy progress thanks to Jeff - it is starting to feel like a real house!! Today we are on to installing kitchen counter tops and finishing the master bath cabinets.

 (^ Finished installing all kitchen cabinets and bar - putting on all the hardware was as much help as I could provide)

 (^ Dry wall went up this weekend!)