Getaway // The Mohicans

Saturday we headed an hour NE of Columbus with Meg & Nathan to stay in a treehouse at The Mohicans (we stayed in the White Oak and it was perfect - best view!). Pre-arrival we stopped at Snow Trails, an Ohio 'ski resort,' with the intention of going tubing. We were thirsty and never got around to the tubing part, but I was so impressed with this place, I can't wait to go back! After sipping beers and watching kids in the trick park, we headed for the Mohicans where we cozied up for the night, drank (perhaps too much), cooked dinner, played lots of Euchre, Heads Up and laughed harder than we have in a long time. So looking forward to getting back here in warm weather to explore Mohican State Park!

Try it Tuesday-Columbus #3

The place: The Guild House

The eats:
Brussels sprouts; caramelized onion, pecans, white cheddar, sweet mustard dressing
Stuffed poblano; rock shrimp, roasted corn, goat cheese, tomatillo lime dressing
Agnolotti; braised beef, house made pasta, truffle jus
Pork; duroc blade steak, sour apple cabbage, poached apricots, brown butter

The drinks:
Rye (house cocktail); bulleit, carpano & dolin vermouths and cinnamon
Mezcal (house cocktail); del magney, herradura silver, fresh lime juice, basil and jalapeno

The review: Sorry for my lack of trying it on Tuesdays! We are back in action and started off with a bang -- at Cameron Mitchell's new The Guild House. This artisan eatery that serves breakfast, lunch and dinner is pretty good! I'm usually not a huge fan of Cameron's restaurants, but I think this is one of the better ones. Our meal was wonderful -- I have a hard time picking a favorite, as I loved each one. Cocktails were good too -- aside from the Mezcal needing a little more lime, in my opinion. My only real knock on the place was dessert... who passes down doughnuts on a dessert menu!? Never us. As a lover of cooking, I've made doughnuts and they were pretty spectacular. We were really sad to finish off what was a great meal with what I would consider really bad doughnuts. Regardless, we will be back... and resist the doughnut urge :)

Weekend Getaway // Saugatuck, MI

One of our favorite places to visit -- Saugatuck, MI. Travels to here are few and far between now that we are in Columbus and it makes us so sad! With MLK day off, we ventured up north for a winter weekend getaway. We made sure to visit our favorite haunts in Saugatuck, but checked out some new places too... Holland 7 to see American Sniper, Big Lake Brewing for a beer and Northland Lanes for bowling while on our day trip up in Holland and Founder's Brewery up in Grand Rapids. On our drive home Monday we made a special stop to visit Kalamazoo, where S grew up! This was our first time here and it was pretty cool - looking forward to going back with my dad next trip. Places we checked out: Heritage Architectural Salvage & Supply (looks amazing - hopefully it will be open next time), Louis family hot spots including the house my dad grew up in, Bell's Brewery and Kalamazoo Beer Exchange. Love our Michigan trips.